• 20 years of successful research and development work
  • 40 employees
  • 6 patents
  • more than 250 publications in science and technology
  • 3rd NEMO-NW “Safety and Security of Underground Facilities” (siu-x).
  • Change in Management, Managing Director H. Dittmann is leaving after many years
    of successful work.
  • start of ZIM Cooperation project (metric positioning system for objects in real with 7 partners)
  • development of prototypes “innovative illumination – LED lamps replacing gas fired lamps)
  • celebrating the 100th research project: ZIM-KF “TOPCLASS”
  • modernization of optical and thin film laboratories
  • starting research cooperation project “integrated security gate for people check in”,
    7 partners involved
  • establishing an international cooperation within network named “Security Alliance SSA New
  • initial founding of the annual conference “Future LED Berlin” with topics on white LED, UVED/IRED
  • joining the network SeSamBB (Security and Safety made in Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • supporting the founding and joining as a member of the European Aviation Security Center
    Schoenhagen e.V. (easc).
  • becoming a member of the Commitee on Operational Safety of Underground Facilities
  • becoming a member of the German European Security Association e.V. (GESA)
  • start of the NEMO network cooperation “Security and Safety of Tunnels” (tusec)
  • 3rd year of network cooperation “Systems for integrated security monitoring” (ne-sis)
  • adding competences in the fields of security technologies and communication techniques.
  • membership in the Institute for Applied Photonics e.V. (IAP)
  • Conference and celebration of the 15th anniversary of OUT e.V.,
    "15 years of technical research for SMEs”
  • membership in the network “Optical Technologies in Berlin Brandenburg e.V.” (OpTec BB)
  • starting the first network cooperation “Optoelectronics in Biotechnologies” (OptoBioNet)
  • establishing our sensor development department
  • membership in the Society for Promotion and Applications in Informatics (GFaI)
  • start of research cooperation (INNONET) “separating membranes” with 6 organizations
  • Conference and celebration of the 10th anniversary of OUT e.V.,
    “10 years of technical research in Berlin-Brandenburg”
  • establishing our LED and Biotechnology departments
  • becoming a consultant center for funded R&D projects for SMEs in Berlin-Brandenburg
  • membership in the “Intelligent Measurement Systems” network
  • start of the competence cluster “Micro system technologies in Berlin”
  • German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) certified OUT e.V. as Research Institute
  • First research project with SME
  • membership in the Association of Innovative Enterprises e.V. (VIU)
  • support of the 5th startup company (OptoSystem GmbH) 
  • extension of own laboratories
  • Moving to new location “Innovationspark Wuhlheide”
  • support of the 3rd and 4th startup companies (PolyAn GmbH, EPIGAP GmbH)
  • large growth of OUT organization
  • Establishing of the scientific advisory board
  • publishing of the first printed 2 years R&D project summary
  • investing in efficient basic equipment for laboratory
  • the 1st and 2nd startup companies (mrt GmbH, ASI GmbH)
  • establishing of 4 different departments: Opto-chips and solar cells, Thin film technologies,
    Plasma technologies and micro structuring, Alternative energies and environmentally compatible materials.
  • foundation of the Optotransmitter Umweltschutz Technologie e.V. (OUT e.V.)
    aiming for R&D support of SMEs with public interest and project funding.